Internal validator proposals

There are four special internal validator proposals responsible for managing the validator-related storage: ChangeSettings, ChangeBalances, MonthlyWithdraw, and OffchainProposal. These proposals have the privilege to skip the first voting stage on the GovPool contract and can be directly created on the GovValidators contract. Take a look at the example below, where we create an internal proposal to modify GovValidatorsToken balances.
function validatorsInternalProposals(IGovPool govPool) external {
(, , address govValidatorsAddress, , ) = govPool.getHelperContracts();
IGovValidators govValidators = IGovValidators(govValidatorsAddress);
uint256[] memory balances = new uint256[](2);
balances[0] = 10 ether;
balances[1] = 20 ether;
address[] memory validators = new address[](2);
validators[0] = address(1);
validators[1] = address(2);
"Change Validators balances",
abi.encodeWithSelector(IGovValidators.changeBalances.selector, balances, validators)
uint256 proposalId = GovValidators(payable(govValidatorsAddress))
// ...
Once you have the internal proposal ID, you can invoke the voteInternalProposal, executeInternalProposal, and getProposalState methods on the GovValidators contract, similar to what was done on the GovPool contract.