Glossary of technical terms you may encounter in this documentation.


DAO pool, Governance pool, Pool

The GovPool contract, which is an entry point to interact with one of the DAOs deployed on the protocol.


The operation that can be executed on behalf of the GovPool contract if the voting is successful.


The minimum number of votes required for a proposal to be considered executable.

Actions for, Actions against

Lists of operations to be executed if the proposal reaches the for or against quorum respectively.


The contract or EOA that will be called on behalf of the GovPool contract during proposal execution. Each action is associated with one executor.

Main executor

The executor of the last action in the list.


The user delegating assets to another user.

Delegatee, Micropool

The user receiving delegated tokens.


The balance of the GovPool contract.

Personal balance

The user's balance, which consists of assets deposited by themselves.

Micropool balance

The user's balance, which consists of assets delegated by other users.

Treasury balance

The user's balance, which consists of assets delegated from treasury.


The hierarchical structure where one DAO's vote influences decisions in another DAO.

Proposal settings

Specific parameters set for each proposal by its main executor (duration, quorum, etc.).

NFT power

The quantity of votes given by certain NFT.

Raw power

The total number of user votes before applying any transformation, calculated as the sum of the number of tokens and NFT powers user voted with.

Voting power, Power

The raw power after transformation directly involved in achieving quorum.


Trusted addresses voting on the second stage of voting. GovValidatorsToken holders.


The token sale within the TokenSaleProposal.